Monday, December 1, 2008


Greetings from Oregon, and Welcome to the Métis Basket Weaver's Blog.

My name is Nan MacDonald, and I am a Native American Basket Weaver. Weaving & Teaching Traditional White Ash Basketry is my speciality.

My Native heritage is Algonquin/Métis, with both my mom and dad tracing their roots back to French & Indian people of Quebec & Louisiana.

Our people were Voyagers, Trappers, Canoers and Basket Makers. Métis means mixed blood, and I'm proud to honor both my French and Indian ancestry, by continuing the tradition of weaving and teaching traditional White Ash Basketry today.

All Basket Weavers are welcome here, and those who just want to learn too. I make my home in Oregon now, and would love to hear from other Métis, especially those who are interested in Algonquin/Métis culture, Northeast Indigenous traditions, and Indian basket weaving.

It has been my honor to learn from the following teachers; Karuk weaver Verna Reece, California, Quinault weaver Harvest Moon, Washington, Abenaki weaver Jesse Larocque, Vermont, and the Abenaki weaving family of Francois McAdams, Oregon(Originally from Odanack, PQ.)

I also weave & teach traditional Northwest Coast Native Basketry. Currently, I am teaching at the University of Oregon's Crafts Center, the Eugene Wetlands Center, and the South Slough Reserve in Charleston, Oregon. You can find a link to these wonderful sites in this Blog.

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